Warranty and RMA Policy


In order to offering customer the high quality service, POLYHEX has established this repair service document to provide our customer the best support and shortest turn-around time as possible.


2.1  Warranty period definition

POLYHEX intends to fulfill customer’s demand in post-sales service; therefore, POLYHEX generally offers 1 years (12 months) of warranty for standard items but please confirm individual warranty periods for various Products. However, there are only 6 months guarantee for the battery of RTC system products and 1 year guarantee for RTC system products. Contract warranty or extended warranty is provided to customers upon request. POLYHEX has the extended warranty designed with flexibility for customers to save time and upgrade service value in a long run.

Products manufactured by POLYHEX are covered from the date of shipment by a warranty for standard items. In the serial numbers the first four digits give the year of manufacture, and the five and six digit means the month.

2.2  Repairs under warranty

During the warranty period, POLYHEX will repair or replace all defective products, provided that they are returned at the customer’s expense to an authorized POLYHEX repair facility. POLYHEX has sole unfettered discretion to determine whether a particular product will be either repaired or replaced.

2.3  Exclusions from warranty

The return product is treated as exclusion from warranty when:

•      The product has been found to be defective after expiry of the warranty period.

•      The product has been concluded to misuse, abuse, or unauthorized repair, whether by accident or other causes. Such conditions will be determined by POLYHEX in its sole unfettered discretion.

•      Product updated, reworked, repaired, disassembled and tested upon the request of customers who are without authorization.

•      Product is damaged beyond repair due to nature disasters, for example, lighting strike, flood, earthquake, etc.

•      The products belong to special OEM and ODM which no sign up RMA service agreement.


3.1  DOA (Dead on Arrival) service

3.1.1       Definition

Goods received which do not function or malfunction within 1 months for all products after receipt (Shipment date is binding). This does not apply to any products that have been repaired or altered by persons other than POLYHEX authorized service personnel or any products that have been subject to misuse, abuse or improper installation or operation. POLYHEX assumes no liability as a consequence of such events under the terms of the warranty.

3.1.2       Return Process

After applying for an RMA Number on the POLYHEX website accordingly or send the RMA Request Form to our RMA department, Ship the faulty product in the original packaging including all original accessories with a copy of the invoice and detailed Problem Description and the issued RMA-number to POLYHEX RMA department.

3.1.3       Problem Confirmation

It is recommended customer can double confirm the DOA finding problem with POLYHEX application engineers before sending it back; so that the problem of a simple wrong configuration, product setting may minimize the whole handling in mutual. POLYHEX assure to treat DOA cases are handled with the highest priority.

3.2  Obtaining an RMA number

3.2.1       Registered Channel partners

When requesting an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, please access POLYHEX’s web site: http://www.polyhex.com and describe the problems encountered in detail on the “RMA Request Form”. Problem description such as “does not work” and “failure” are not feasible for precisely repair. Please describe in detail the application environment, configuration and problems encountered. Lack of description may cause an NPF (No Problem Found) situation.

If you are uncertain about the cause of the failure, please contact POLYHEX’s Technical support (or Application Engineer, AE). They may be able to find a solution that does not require sending the product for repair.

3.3  Returning the product for repair

Send board only without accessories (manuals, cables, etc.). Remove any unnecessary components from the board, such as CPUs, ROM or DRAM. If you include these parts (because you believe they may be part of the problem), note clearly that they are included. Otherwise, we cannot be responsible for their return. Make sure the "RMA Request Form" is enclosed. Ship the parts by DHL or speed post. If RMA is in warranty, the customer will pay the shipping charges, and we will pay the return charges. If out of warranty, the customer should pay both the forwarding and returning charges. Attach an invoice to the carton. To save handling time, customer shall address the parts directly to the Repair Service Department and mark on the package "Attn. RMA Department".

Note: List the value of the product on the invoice as zero (or a very low value). Otherwise, additional charges will be levied by customs (which will be borne by the sender). We suggest that you write “Goods with no commercial value are returned for repair” on the shipment invoice.

3.4  Service charges

3.4.1       Repair Charge

POLYHEX will charge for repairing products when:

•      The product is repaired after expiry of the warranty period.

•      The product is tested or calibrated after expiry of the warranty period, and a No Problem Found (NPF) result is obtained. Per NPF board charges US$20, and system US$40. Besides, customer needs to pay for NPF product round trip freight.

•      The product, though repaired within the warranty period, has been subjected to misuse, abuse, or unauthorized repair.

•      Product updates, reworks, and tests upon the request of customers who are without warranty.

•      Product is damaged beyond repair due to nature disasters, for example, lighting strike, flood, earthquake, etc.

If a product has been repaired by POLYHEX, and within three months after such repair the product requires further repair for the same problem, POLYHEX will free charge such kind of further repair. However, this service does not apply to a product which has been subjected to misuse, abuse, or unauthorized repair.

After we make the repairs, we will send you a “Proforma Invoice” with the repair charges. When you remit the funds, please reference the PI number listed under "Our Ref.".

3.5  Repair Turn-around Time (TAT)

The definition of TAT is illustrated on POLYHEX internal management supervising repair process efficiency, which excludes other factors caused by different forwarder, waiting custom or accumulated volume in front office.

TAT definition:

TAT = POLYHEX Receiving date – POLYHEX Shipping date

For products manufactured in-house by POLYHEX, the TAT management target as below.

One batch shipment > 30 pieces, POLYHEX will inform customer on a case-by-case basis.

For third party products not manufactured by POLYHEX, it will send them to the original manufacturer for repair. This usually takes 7-21 working days.

The general reason TAT may be delayed if the customer:

•      Does not sign and return the P/I within 48 hours.

•      Fails to pay the A/R within the due date.

•      Gives an insufficient problem description, such as "does not work", "failure".

•      Has modified the original design of the POLYHEX product.

•      Delays a reply or fails to reply to an POLYHEX request for further information (such as application environment and configuration).

3.6  Repair service for phased-out products

POLYHEX offers two years continuous repair service for its board and system products after the date of the product phase-out announcement. Normally, this phase-out is taken 6 months ahead for customer last buy preparation.

3.7  Repair report

POLYHEX will return each board/system with a “Repair Report” which shows the result of the repair. If the result is NPF, the report will be listed the tests been done for customer’s reference.

3.8  Custody of products submitted for repair

POLYHEX will retain custody of a product submitted for repair for two months whilst it is waiting for return of a signed PI or payment (A/R). If the customer fails to respond within such period, POLYHEX will close the case automatically. POLYHEX will take reasonable measures to stay in proper contact with the customer during this 2-month period.

3.9  Shipping back to customer

POLYHEX normally ships RMA returns by air parcel or air speed post. If the customer requires, it can ship the parts using a different service such as UPS, DHL, Federal Express, and so on. The customer must bear the extra costs of such alternative shipment. If you require any special arrangements, please indicate this when shipping the product to us.


Warranty service is optional for maximum five years included product standard warranty. POLYHEX provides extended warranty service upon request. This is generally only available for project programs. A formal contract of repair and warranty is needed. One copy is retained by POLYHEX’s RMA Department and products not eligible for this service will be returned to the customer.

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