Professional R&D and Engineering Capability

Combining requirements, thinking and innovation for a perfect solution


ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 Certified Factory

20K+ monthly production capability and 5-10 years supply cycle


What We Do?

Polyhex provides first-rate computing hardware customization service.

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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

High-hashrate Multi miner for both new miners and power users.

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NFC & QR Code payment terminals with order processing package.

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Industrial Automation

Fanless design, wide temperature range and high performance.

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Interactive Kiosks

Convenient HMI panel brings the best self-service experience.

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Intelligent Transportation

AFC gateway system, control PC, in-vehicle infotainment system.

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Build up your VOIP, video conference and direct broadcast system.

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Client Computing

Build up your client-server system with customized I/O interfaces.

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Network Security

Protect your network and data from intrusion and damage.

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Video Surveillance

High-definition video surveillance system supporting 24/7 working condition.

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Digital Signage

Customized digital signage for vivid advertisement and responsive interaction.

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IoT Edge Computing

The future of IoT processes and analyzes data at edge nodes.

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