Polyhex Technology Joined NVIDIA INCEPTION

In June 2021, Polyhex Technology was invited to join the "NVIDIA Inception" initiated by NVIDIA, the global GPU giant and industry leader in artificial intelligence computing.

The GPU invented by NVIDIA in 1999 stimulated the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined modern computer GPU and revolutionized parallel computing. Recently, by using GPU as the brain of computers, robots and even self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world, GPU deep learning has once again ushered a new era of computing-modern artificial intelligence."

NVIDIA Inception Program is a global ecological project organized by NVIDIA to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence start-ups. The project cultivates cutting-edge artificial intelligence start-ups and brings revolutionary changes to various industries. As a free membership-based entrepreneurial acceleration project, since the launch of the project in 2016, it has attracted more than 8,000 start-up companies worldwide to join the project. There are more than 900 member companies in China, distributed in more than 30 cities and more than 30 different industries across the country.

The project unites well-known domestic and foreign venture capital institutions, industry partners and start-up incubators, accelerators, and technology media to create an artificial intelligence acceleration ecosystem that can provide a series of services, such as product discounts, market promotion, technical support, financing platforms, and customers recommendation, to accelerate the development of start-up companies.


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