A prototype is important in design and manufacture processes. Select your hardware and confirm the solution proposal, and then your prototype will be finished quickly(10 working days for system-level products, 40 working days for board-level products). A prototype visually shows you its outlook design, and you can feel the texture and most importantly test its functions. A prototype helps you to ensure if it's a perfect fit for your program.

Requirements Analysis & Hardware Recommendation

At polyhex, our sales team has a comprehensive understanding of the industry, application scenarios, working environment and installation methods of the product. At the same time, you can also directly tell the sales team the specific hardware and software system configuration you need, such as operating system, network and display interfaces, etc. After that, our engineers will produce a Solution Proposal according to your needs, combined with application scenarios and industry features, recommend the most suitable solution for you, and clarify the configuration and price of the entire product.

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Fast Prototype Builds

In terms of the system-level products, we can quickly modify the existing hardware and components to realize fast system integration services, and it takes about 10 working days to build a system-level prototype that is most suitable for customers, while motherboard takes a relatively long time relative to the complete machine, about 40 working days.

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